A new beach every day – for a whole year!

Antigua has 365 beautiful beaches, more than enough to explore during your vacation – some are quiet, some secluded, some busier, some more tranquil that others. Have a look at our guide below and find which ones might suit you best. There are too many to mention but we have highlighted some of the beaches we enjoy.

Jolly South Beach is one of the longest and calmest beaches in Antigua, and is only minutes away from our Jolly Harbour villas. Because of the long expanse of white sand and turquoise water this beach never feels very busy – it is perfect for walking, running or simply chilling out on.

Jolly Beach – South

The West coast of Antigua has the best beaches all within easy reach from Jolly Harbour – Ffryes, Valley Church, Darkwood and Turners.

Ffryes Beach

Ffryes is a popular spot for locals on the weekends and is overlooked by Tamarind Hills, Valley Church beach is serene and calm – with lots of tiny shells to collect.

Darkwood Beach on Cades Bay backs up to a lagoon that is home to an abundance of wild birds. You’ll also find a rustic beach bar and a splash water park. Darkwood is a favorite for shore excursions for some of the cruise ships.

Dickenson Bay and Runaway Bay are located on Antigua’s northwestern coast, which is far more developed than most of the coastal parts of the island. Runaway Bay is a great spot for spectacular sunsets. Dickenson Bay offers a wide variety of watersports and activities as well as beach bars and restaurants. The waters in both bays are calm with softly sloping shallows, this means that they are great for small children.

Half Moon Bay

The National Park of Half Moon Bay on the southeast corner of the island and Long Bay, situated at the easternmost point, are good choices for family outings, perhaps with older children as the water can be spectacularly rough in Half Moon – great for body boarding! Not suitable for small children if the water is rough. Half Moon Bay is loved by all for its natural cove and stunning beauty.

Fort James Beach

Fort James and Deep Bay are situated near St John’s and offer excellent snorkeling and swimming, along with Long Bay. Galley Bay is a magnet for surfers.

We hope you enjoy exploring the natural beauty of Antigua – and don’t forget you can just let us know if you have any questions or need anything! Have fun and please remember to use sunblock, use a hat and ensure you are hydrated.

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